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Panjabi Salwar Kamez 2011 Pictures

Panjabi Salwar Kamez

One might wonder what makes Panjabi Salwar Suits Designs unique from its counterparts. This can explained by a rosgolla made by a Bengali and that made by a south Indian. You would definitely grab the one made by a Bengali. The same holds true for Salwar Kameez. Punjab has been the foster home of salwar kameez. They know more about the variety of neck designs, body cut patterns, salwar patterns and the possible varieties and innovations in the attire.

Punjabi suits are usually bright in colour. They are pretty loose in the fitting with the Kurta touching the knee level. The salwars are equally loose and are fastened to the waist with a drawstring. Panjabi salwar kameez suits women of all age groups and those with plus size profile. It makes them look dignified and keeps them confident through the movements. The side slits and hemline are usually decorated with different forms of thread embroidery and they are aesthetic in their appeal.

Many Indian women find Panjabi salwar kameez suitable for both office wear and party or festive wear. Leg movements are kept comfortable in these Punjabi suits . Fabrics like cotton, georgette, crepe, chiffon and net are used to make these salwars. Bead works and sequin works add party mood to these salwar suits. Flower embroidery or phulkari is very popular in the kameez and dupatta of Punjabi salwars. These suits are getting more popular among the western world and many take them home as souvenirs along with sarees.

Salwar by itself being a home product of Punjab, Panjabi salwar is more famous for its specialization and varieties in the salwar kameez family. Panjabi salwars are usually colourful and they mostly use bright colours. Unlike those prevalent in other parts of India and Pakistan, Punjabi salwar kameez has full arm sleeves and the loose kurti extends to the knee level. Leg movement is kept easy in the salwars. The styles from Punjab include Patiala salwars, Casual Punjabi salwars and bridal wears.

Patiala kameez of Panjabi salwar is known for its different neck patterns. The Patiala salwar on the other hand may be heavily pleated or moderately pleated. They also have a fresh appeal when paired with short kurtis. Casual Panjabi salwars have lighter forms of embroidery like resham or chikankari in them. These salwars are also famous for the enthusiasm that they exude in the air. They are comfortable and elegant simultaneously.

Panjabi salwars is usually loose and baggy. Some of them have the ankle wide while others have a narrow ankle region giving a gathered appearance. Dhoti salwars are a desirable form of Panjabi salwars . Panjabi salwar is setting trends in Indian fashion scene and its charm is evergreen which would never fade. While purchasing material for the salwar kameez, one needs to check the durability and suitability of the fabric for the desired pattern and use. These salwars could be in forms like plain, printed or could accommodate interesting embroidery. Punjabi salwars have endless varieties with new ones evolving each day.